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Here are some cool emails I've gotten from visitors:

>From: "George Barker" <>To: <>Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2000 20:28:51 -0500 > >

So you were there too! I was 14 years old and much too young to be at such a thing. Thank god for great parents. Memories: the buzz through the crowd every time we saw a glint of gold in the announcers booth to the left. We didn't know that John woud be there. Unfortunately Yoko was too. I remember how we booed! Do you remember before The Doors arrived they asked politely for a vacating of seats in a bleacher area! Finally all we saw was a sea of big arms and black t-shirts. I wish I could remember as much as you do. I did learn to blow bubble off my tongue, courtesy of a girl from New York. In the movie if you look for a girl with long brown hair on a guy's shoulders, that is our bunch. All from West Hill, Ontario. Anyway, fun to go back with someone who was really there. Take Care: Sue



Richard Maxwell

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