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Here are some cool emails I've gotten from visitors:

Thursday, June 21, 2001

Hi Richard, Please read the comments I left on your Outtasite site & respond if you would like.... This site really takes me back to the roots of my Partying days!! It's Outtasite!!! My friend from electronics school said he had an extra ticket for a "Rock & Roll Revival Concert" up in Toronto... and I had just missed going to Woodstock a few weeks earlier, so I went.... Well for my first rock concert it was the greatest, and even tho I've attended hundreds since, there will never be another Toronto 1969!!! Who else remembers the Vagabonds riding 2x2 by the hundreds bringing Jim Morrison Down the street and into the stadium. This sixteen year old never forgot the greatest concert that he would ever see.....

~ Jim Kreuze ~r


Richard Maxwell

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